Online Consultation

Online health consultation

Vicki offers extensive online health consultations to help you restore your vitality and maximise your health from the comfort of your home. In the sessions, we will customise an individualised wellness plan created just for you using Chinese medicine principles and with the guidance of allopathic/western medicine in the form of blood or saliva testing and body scans.

Treatments may involve a number of modalities based on your needs and preferences including Chinese or western herbs, supplementation, topical treatments, acupressure prescription, general lifestyle advice, and mindfulness.

These consultations are available to support you with any health or wellbeing concern. Vicki also has extensive experience in fertility, Women’s health and reproductive health care.

Many times In clinic women or men seek assistance for their fertility journey but many things are not being questioned or addressed. We will look at the whole picture and troubleshoot to find reasons and solutions for what may be hindering this natural process. This may still involve working alongside your specialist or we can focus on natural fertility.

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