Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are valuable therapies for numerous health conditions to maintain a state of vitality and wellness.

The stimulation of specific acupuncture points will initiate both local and neurological responses that will facilitate the healing process.

Chinese medicine incorporates a variety of techniques including:


Involves the insertion of very fine, one-use needles into selected pressure points on the body to enhance circulation of qi (vital energy) in the meridians (network of high frequency electric pathways). By regulating this function, it will assist the provision of sufficient blood, oxygen, nutrients and vitality to the area(s) of the body requiring attention. This in turn facilitates healing.


Many diseases and dysfunctions begin on this subtle level. As the body is a series of interconnected vessels and processes, each area will have an affect on the other. This being the case, many symptoms may have the same cause, so by regulating the cause, all the symptoms may be eliminated.


Diagnosis is made by a thorough investigation of diet, lifestyle, symptoms, intake and excretions of the body. The pulse and tongue are checked as these give important indications to the state of health.

Fine quality needles and a gentle technique allows for pain-free treatments.


Involves the burning of the herb mugwort over specific pressure points or areas of pain or weakness on the body. Mugwort radiates great heat when it is burnt and has great effects with relieving pain and building energy and immunity.


When applying a heat pack to an area, the heat is more of a flat heat and isn’t able to penetrate the muscle tissues as effectively as that of radiating heat. The application of moxabustion is able to break up tight muscle mass by penetrating the muscle fibres and relaxing them.


Suction cups are placed on problematic areas to assist with tight, painful muscles & joints, common cold and detoxification.


The massage performed in this clinic combines techniques of modern remedial massage while keeping a focus on the directional flow of the meridians to ensure longer-lasting effects and re-alignment of the body’s systems. Massage is effective for relieving tension & pain, improving circulation and gives an overall feeling of well-being.


Works on the premise that we are more than a collection of nutrient absorbing machines. The substances we put in our body are not only considered by their nutrients, but also by their flavours and their nature of being either hot or cold. This is why it is much better to take medicines in a liquid or powdered form rather than a tablet as the taste is the first signal the brain receives to act in the desired way. The body needs a variety of all the tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent and bitter). The nature of the foods being hot or cold does not relate to temperature, but rather the effect they will have on the body. eg. ginger will warm the body, while mint will cool it.


If someone is what we say ‘blood deficient’, the herbs or prescribed recipes will not only give important nutrients to help build the blood, they will also regulate the organs involved in producing the blood, so the person will no longer be prone to such problems as anaemia or tissue damage.

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